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Wondering if a spine adjustment is right for you? Dr. Ben McIntosh and the team at Mustang Chiropractic Acupuncture and Massage in Prosser, WA, answer some common questions about adjustments below.

Can Adjustments Really Get Rid of Pain?

You’ve probably heard that adjustments can treat back and neck pain but wonder how they do this exactly. You have 24 bones in your spinal column that stack on top of each other. Between the bones sit discs that act as cushions, and surrounding the bones are muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons.

When one of the bones moves out of the neat stack, the other spinal components are impacted. The discs sustain unnecessary pressure and the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are all overburdened. This leads to a great deal of back pain, neck pain, and more. Adjustments restore proper alignment of the bones, relieving the stress and strain to provide natural pain relief.

What Other Benefits Do They Provide?

Back pain and neck pain relief are just two benefits. Adjustments can relieve headaches, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and more.

In addition to pain relief, adjustments can relieve various other symptoms. A misalignment can lead to nerve compression, which can impair nerve function. When the nerves aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to various health issues, such as digestive problems. Additionally, issues in the spinal column can impede blood flow. Restoring alignment helps improve nerve function and blood circulation, which improves overall health and well-being.

Who Should Have An Adjustment?

Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, even if you’re not living in pain. Your chiropractor can help maintain spinal wellness, which helps maintain general health and wellness.

Adjustments are available in many different types, including gentle and instrument-assisted adjustments. This means that even children and seniors can enjoy restored alignment.

Learn more about a spine adjustment or experience one firsthand by visiting Dr. McIntosh at Mustang Chiropractic Acupuncture and Massage in Prosser, WA. Call (509) 786-3637 to schedule an appointment today.

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